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Electoral Map of Pakistan

There's no better way to understand the political landscape of Pakistan than to see party positions visualized on a map. The interactive, clickable map shown here details key results from the 2002, 2008, and 2013 General Elections for each of the 272 National Assembly seats contested every five years.

Hovering over each constituency will show the names of winning and runner-up parties, and will also display interesting metrics around voter turnout and victory margins, allowing you to see which seats were closely contested and between which parties.

Below are few insights that we were able to glean from this map. We would love to hear what other interesting details you think are also worth noting. Please share them in the comments section below.

1) In each of the last three elections NA 269 (Khuzdar) has been a closely contested seat with victory margins remaining below 5%. In 2013, JUI-F won this seat by a tight margin of 58 votes or 0.1% of total votes cast and was the tightest race in the elections that year.

2) Almost all constituencies in the Tribal Areas were won by Independent candidates in the 2013 General Elections even though political parties were allowed to contest elections and field their own candidates there for the first time.

3) Elections were postponed in 2013 for NA 38 (Tribal Areas: Kurram Agency) due to an ongoing security operation. However, even after 4 years, elections have yet to be held in NA 38 and the people of Central Kurram Agency are still without representation in the National Assembly.

What other interesting details can you identify from this map?

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